Scenic Walks...

Tyneham is located on the Dorset coast between Lulworth Castle and Corfe Castle. The nearest populated areas include Kimmeridge to the east and West Lulworth to the west. Tyneham Valley has escaped the unsightly tourism developments, only too prominent along the adjacent coastline. It has been untouched by modern intensive farming practices and is a haven for wildlife - supporting many rare and threatened species.

Fossil Forest is best seen to the east of Lulworth Cove, where it is displayed on a wide ledge in the cliff. The site lies within the army ranges and is subject to restricted opening times. The forest can also be seen on Portland and in quarries near Weymouth. The 'tufa' are fossilised rings of algae that are gathered around tree trunks as a forest flooded nearly 150 million years ago.

Dancing Ledge is an old cliff quarry and offers access from the Purbeck cliffs to the sea and affords stunning views of the coast. The 'Ledge' is a flat area of rock at the base of a small cliff. It is signposted on the South West coast path a few kilometres west of Swanage. Dancing Ledge is so called because the stone cut out of it is the same size as a ballroom dance floor. The stone removed was transported by ship direct from Dancing Ledge, round the south coast to Kent in order to construct Ramsgate harbour.

Worth Matravers is a remarkable stretch of Dorset countryside with exceptional coastal views. The walk offers a wonderful combination of steady climbs and flat stints, perfect for the intermediate rambler. One of the pleasures of this walk is the way the vistas on either side slowly open up. Inland, you see right across the Purbecks to Corfe Castle, while on the other side you look out over the Jurassic Coast at Kimmeridge and beyond.